What is «wave-movie»?

«wave-movie» is an iterative art clip connected to an animated personal note, that is sent as a vivid «wave-movie» message to an email address.

Choose passionately, write soulfully, for you and your friends.

How does «wave-movie» work?

You choose a movie, write a note to it and send the ready «wave-movie» message to your friends.

Your friends will then receive an email. Upon clicking the included link, the «wave-movie» message will open for your friends to watch.

«wave-movie» is the first animated text-message that can be created, sent, and received on iPhones, smart phones, iPads, tablets, pc's and notebooks.

«wave-movie» functions

  • broad selection of movies in 8 qualities
  • find movies: alphabetically (e.g. «b» for «birthday»). List of movies follows the German alphabet
  • capture message through text gadget
  • preview of «wave-movie» message
  • sending the «wave-movie» message (email to recipient)

Using the buttons and pages

wave-movie buttons

The orange buttons include intuitive movies with vibes and structures

qualities: warm, cool, like, move

(e.g.: orange «cool» = «cool» vibes and structures)

The blue buttons include concrete movies of content with icons and plots

qualities: nice, fresh, soft, hard

(e.g. blue «nice» = «nice» styles and plots)

Alphabetically arranged movie lists

clicking any of the 8 qualities buttons will open the page with the movie list range in the selected quality. You will first see the A-list (all movies listed under «A»). You can use the alphabetical list to access any other movie lists from A to Z. You select your desired movie simply by clicking on it.

Show page

On the «show» page you write a note to the selected movie. By clicking the preview arrow, the text will be illustrated. Once the «wave-movie» note is completed and the keyword, name of the sender and email address of the recipient are filled in, the «wave-movie» message is ready to be sent.

Follow the brief instructions on the appropriate pages and you will be surprised just how easy it is to send a «wave-movie» message.


All user data is automatically deleted upon sending the «wave-movie» message.
«wave-movie» is virus-free.